Cogsworth XV





  • Common Tongue


  • Martial: Marine
  • Criminal: Saboteur
  • Wilderness: Spelunker


  • Immune to disease, poison, sleep, fatigue
  • Key [He is an embelished wind up toy]
  • Mechanical Body [Do not eat, drink breathe, age]
  • Repairing Damage [When an object, can be repaired with a tookit]


Attribute Score Modifier
Strength 12 +2
Agility 9 -1
Intellect 9 -1
Will 9 -1
Perception 9 -1
Defense 13 +3


Characteristic Score
Health 14
Healing Rate 2
Size 1
Speed 8
Power 0
Insanity 0
Corruption 0


Nimble Recovery – Use an action to heal your healing rate and then move up to half your Speed without triggering free attacks. In cool down until a rest.
Trickery – Once per round make an attack roll or challenge roll with 1 boon. On success, the attack deals 1d6 extra damage.


Cogsworth was only created a mere 6 to 10 years ago, but has fallen on hard times since his creator set him free to follow his destiny.

With a bland face and no special markings most people forget about him as soon as they see him. He isn’t even remarkably large for a clockwork at only 6 feet and 300 pounds.

Built for strength, he decided to join the military and was trained as a marine before being abandoned in favor of newer models. Life since being discharged has taken its toll. Destitute and in rags, he made his way to Asylum where he takes odd jobs of the type that pay nothing. He now spends most of his days rusting and searching for meaning in a world in which he has no place.

Cogsworth XV

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