Granny Wickshine


​Granny is the town Apothecary and midwife for Asylum. Anyone born in Asylum who is under the age of 30 was probably delivered by Granny, and the rest owe their continued health to her in one form or another.

Granny and Inona Risah were responsible for curing a plague that swept through Asylum three years ago. Granny was one of the first struck down by the illness, and Inona — her pupil in the arts of medicine and midwifery — used Granny’s small, handwritten library to concoct a cure.

​There are constant rumors that Granny is a witch, or a necromancer. Most of the residents of Asylum discount these rumors, even though no one can remember a time when Granny wasn’t an ancient woman.​


Granny Wickshine

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