All of the player characters are from Asylum. They were either born here, or have lived here long enough to be thought of as residents of the town.

Standing at the juncture of two roads north of Sixton, Asylum is no stranger to trouble. It has faced off against the restless dead, orc brigands, and monsters that have come tumbling out of the wilds.

Despite its many hardships, Asylum has survived thanks to the arable farmland that spreads out for miles around, on which the locals grow wheat and other grains. A drought has plagued Asylum for the last year, despite normal rainfall in the surrounding areas, bringing its continued survival into question.

The community itself is small, a place that doesn’t warrant a place on any large maps. The town consists of some twenty buildings that include a smithy, a carpenter’s shop, a marketplace, a general store, a stable, a shrine dedicated to the New God, and the Weary Traveler, which is an inn with a taproom. The community well, from which all the locals draw water, stands near the center of town, in sight of an ancient statue of a man on a horse, whose name and deeds have long since faded from Asylum’s memory. That the well still produces water despite the long drought is something of a blessing to the locals, a blessing for which some give thanks to the New God.​

​Humans make up almost all of Asylum’s population. The sporadic traffic along the Emperor’s Road makes locals familiar enough with dwarfs, orcs, goblins, and others, that they are not surprised by such creatures’ strange appearance and customs.​

Notable Citizens

  • Samyra : Inkeeper at The Weary Traveler and de facto mayor


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