Molly Stepfound





  • Common Tongue (Read and Write)


  • Wilderness : Trapper
  • Academic : War
  • Academic : Nature


Attribute Score Modifier
Strength 10 +0
Agility 10 +0
Intellect 10 +0
Will 11 +1
Perception 11 +1
Defense 10 +0


Health 11
Healing Rate 2
Size 1
Speed 10
Power 0
Insanity 0
Corruption 0


Level Path Attributes Health Power Magic Talents
1 Magician 2 +2 +1 Primal, Transformation,2 spells Cantrip, Sense Magic


Level Tradition Name Page
0 Primal Beast Within 136
0 Primal Hide from Animals 136
0 Trans. Flowing Form 146
0 Trans. Mask 146
1 Primal Befriend Animal 136
1 Trans. Animal Shape 146

Casting Per Day

Level Count
0 2
1 1

Molly was found as a toddler, wrapped in dirty rags and left sleeping on the doorstep of Hubert, an elderly scholar who came to Asylum for peace and quiet in his twilight years. Obviously unable to care for the child by himself, Hubert convinced several people in the town to help him take care of the foundling while he attempted to locate her parents. That was sixteen years ago.

Molly is a slender and athletic young woman who has an easy smile and pleasant word for absolutely anyone she meets. Being an easy-going and likable child, she was raised by the town in general, but Hubert and Granny Wickshine — the town’s resident apothecary and Hubert’s girlfriend — have been her surrogate parents. Molly began gathering herbs and roots for Granny Wickshine when she was quite young and has since shown a knack for woodcraft, supplementing the town’s meat stocks with trapped rabbits, squirrels, and the occasional deer. She has also proven an able and avid student of the history of warfare under Hubert’s tutelage.

Molly Stepfound

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